Engage more customers with personalized product updates
Personalized product announcements delivered on-site, in-product, or via email. No coding required.
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Keep customers in the loop every
time they visit

Did your customers miss important news? Share relevant updates as soon as they log back in.

Boost customer engagement
Customers are more likely to stay if you regularly update them with improvements. SYBG’s omnipresent solution makes this easy.
Promote new features
Increase adoption of your new feature releases and encourage customers to interact with your product as soon as they log in.
Sell more promos and deals
Don’t let your customers miss any of your special promotions! SYBG helps make sure they see your latest deals, gifts, and coupons.

Share What’s Been Done
Since They’ve Been Gone

Keep your customers in the loop no matter
what channel they use to visit you.

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Personalized Update Announcements

Create a personalized changelog to show only the updates your customers missed since the last time they visited.

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Non-Intrusive Updates

SYBG’s attention-grabbing yet non-intrusive notification widget will help you update customers without being annoying.

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Integrate With Multiple Sites Seamlessly

Managing several brands? Send updates via multiple websites and manage everything in one platform.

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Document Your Updates

Allow your team and users to review all your updates and more info through a clear timeline view.

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Create Private And Public-Facing Updates

Create private updates for internal team use, and publish public updates designed specifically to engage users.

SYBG is perfect for...

Let your users know about the latest features you’ve added to your tool and encourage them to try it for themselves to get better results and improve their experience.
Let your customers know as soon as their favorite products are restocked. Share new sales, deals, promo codes, and special offers to keep them engaged and buying.
Coaches and Educators
Talk about your latest course offerings or share any updates to your existing programs and encourage your students to further invest in their education.
Marketing Agency
Share your latest offers, newest case studies, and even new content that establishes your expertise and authority.

Any business that loves to stay in touch with their customers!

Installation is as easy as
copy paste

Get started in a few easy steps. No coding required!


Add your website
Add a website/project name and include the URL where you want your SYBG updates to appear.


Create a widget
Customize how your announcement would look like and change colors, appearance, and notification styles to match your ideal look and feel.


Copy paste your embed code
Embed the widget directly into your website by copy pasting a single line of code.


Publish your update
Whether it’s a product update, changes in your policies, or a tip on using your platform, you can make an announcement here.

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